What is the Digitalwerkstatt?

The Digitalwerkstatt is a creative education and experience space located in the heart of Berlin. Here, children between the ages of 6 and 14 can discover the digital world playfully and develop important skills in the field of new technology.

In our courses and workshops, children learn programming, build robots, experiment with 3D printing, create Animated Movies and much more!

We also offer workshops for parents, teachers, and everyone interested in education. Our program includes school courses that focus on the conception and realisation of digital projects, which are integrated into the daily curriculum. These take place at the Digitalwerkstatt in the mornings.

Berlin Linienstraße

Berlin Linienstraße

Seit Februar 2016 gibt es unsere erste Digitalwerkstatt im Herzen von Berlin.

Courses & Workshops Berlin

Berlin Potsdamer Platz

Berlin Potsdamer Platz

Seit Januar 2017 ist unsere Digitalwerkstatt auch im Digitalen Lernzentrum zu Hause.

Courses & Workshops Berlin


Seit Februar 2017 gibt es unsere Digitalwerkstatt München.

Courses & Workshops Munich

Our Goals and Values

It is our aim to enable children to operate actively and confidently in the digital world. In the Digitalwerkstatt, they learn to use computers and tablets as creative tools, and are supported in the realisation of their own ideas.

The Digitalwerkstatt is a secure space in which children are guided through the digital world in an age appropriate manner. Under the wings of experienced media pedagogues, they can develop a conscious approach to new technology.

An individual approach and careful attention to the children is of heartfelt importance to us. Our trainers work in teams and with small groups. They ensure a cherished atmosphere and ample movement, breaks, and interaction.

Digitalwerkstatt is also a place where parents and teachers can find competent communication partners. Together, we want to find new and creative ways of making education in the realm of digital technology as fruitful as possible.


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Why should children learn programming?


The future is digital

Computers already help us reach to space stations and perfectly knead dough. Digital tools are operational and essential in almost all professions by now. An understanding of the processes behind this makes it easier for children to find their way in the world.



Actively shaping the world

Through programming, kids learn to recognise problems and how to solve them. They experience themselves as active and competent, and develop into people who have the ability to shape their world.




Programming is fun

Whoever likes crafting will love coding! With digital tools, children will not only be able to create figures and objects, but also animate them to sing and jump. That is real fun, and enjoyable for adults too.