About us

We are a team comprised of media pedagogues, game designers, teachers, and cultural scientists. We are connected to one another by a joy of exploration, discovery, testing, and shaping the digital world and beyond. We are highly experienced in educational work with children, and bring diverse abilities in the creative use of digital technology along with us.

We are looking forward to an exciting time together with children, parents, and teachers!


We are always seeking enthusiastic and skillful trainers to enhance our team!

About Digitalwerkstatt

The digital shift places new demands on education, and how we bring up our children. They are growing up into a world which is sometimes just as difficult for adults to get to grips with as it is for children. In the face of rapid technological advancement, parents and teachers are faced with the question of how to best prepare their children and students for a digital future.

With the Digitalwerkstatt, we have created an experience and education space, in which children, parents, and teachers can discover and explore digital technology together. Here, they meet competent people who can help them develop an understanding of the digital world, and enable them find their place within it.

The Digitalwerkstatt is a secure environment in which children can playfully engage with new technologies, and learn to use them actively, creatively, and responsibly. Our trainers advise parents and teachers, and support them as they accompany their children and students on a voyage of discovery in the digital world.

About HABA

The Habermaaß GmbH with the brand HABA is a family business with a rich tradition that has been developing first-rate products for children, families, and educational facilities for over 70 years.

HABA made its name primarily from the production of quality wooden toys. The daughter company WEHRFRITZ equips kindergartens, nurseries and schools with high-grade furniture systems, play structures, and learning materials.

With the HABA Digitalwerkstatt, HABA extends and elaborates on its work in the field of education, and allows children to playfully learn the use of digital tools in a secure and age appropriate environment.