Our first app has arrived: Digitalwerkstatt Art Studio 

With the Digitalwerkstatt Art Studio, kids can create their own artwork and experiment with shapes, colors, and lines. The app awakens the imagination of kids and inspires them to use smartphones and tablets as creative tools, rather than passive viewing devices.


  • We developed this app with children for children
  • It is simple, intuitive and made for your child
  • Features age-appropriate graphics, letters, and numbers
  • Promotes important future competencies
  • Promotes fine-motor skills
  • No internet or wifi required – play where you want and when you want!


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What will your child start with? A funny character or a silly animal? A train or a house? With our app, kids can choose from a palette of colors and different geometric shapes, allowing them to create whatever inspires them. They can assemble, discard, recompose or change the colors. The app helps kids try out new things and not be afraid of making mistakes.


Kids can not only save their artwork and share it with family and friends but also use their new creation in other phone and tablet applications. For example, their new silly animal can be animated with the visual programming language Scratch and become the protagonist in a story or a game.


The app is perfectly adapted to the usage behavior of children: from the color selection to the finished work, children control all functions with gestures. Our app is pure fun and unnecessary frustration is avoided. Even children without prior knowledge or previous tablet experience can realize great projects and come to the conclusion: “I can do this!”


With the Digitalwerkstatt Art Studio, not only do we provide technical skills but also important future learnings. They include: – Creativity and curiosity for experimenting – Problem-solving skills – Geometric Shapes, spacing, and architecture In addition, kids gain an early awareness of active usage of smartphones and tablets and break away from the passive role of a consumer.