At Digitalwerkstatt we teach kids more than ones and zeros. In addition to technical skills they acquire important meta competences through programming and cooperating with other children.


Problem-solving competence

We support children to actively face challenges and solve exercises independently. At Digitalwerkstatt they learn to develop solution strategies for real problems and experience themselves as capable of acting as well as self-competent.


Error culture and competence

We encourage children to try out new things and not be afraid of failing. At Digitalwerkstatt they learn that mistakes are resources which can be the foundation for innovations.


Tolerance for frustration and resilience

We support children to not give up immediately when coping with lack of understanding and frustration. At Digitalwerkstatt they learn to overcome hurdles with a smart mind as well as ease.


Creativity and curiosity for experimenting

We accompany and actively support children in their development and in the realisation of their own creative ideas. At Digitalwerkstatt they explore new tools and techniques in a playful way and learn to use them for the implementation of their own projects.


Team spirit and willingness to compromise

At Digitalwerkstatt children learn to contribute to the team by bringing in their own skills, discussing their own ideas and tasks with others and being willing to compromise. They experience how enriching it can be to complement one another and to achieve goals in teamwork.


Tolerance and helpfulness

It is our aim to create a space in which children (and adults) can meet each other with openness and appreciation. At Digitalwerkstatt we encourage children to actively support and share their knowledge with each other.


Structured thinking and precise communication

While programming it is important to divide complex processes into clear work steps and formulate precise orders which the computer is able to understand. At Digitalwerkstatt children learn this in a playful, digital and analog way while using tools and techniques that are suitable for their age.

Digital Citizenship

Media competences and digital citizenship

At Digitalwerkstatt children are empowered to use digital tools consciously and responsibly. This is an important requirement in order to participate in an increasingly digital world and be able to actively shape it.